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10-24 November 2001 Tasmania

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Datsun Sports Owners Australia

(Ramsay's Terrific Tag-a-long Adventure Tour of Tasmania)

For 10 November 2001

Report by André and Julia

General election day 2001 was also the day that various NSWites and Canberrans set off for their Tassie tour. Leaving from Sydney were André and Julia, Alan.C and Marie, Paul and Diann, Haydn and Nan, Michael and Sylvia and Syd and Alan.A (yes, Syd and Alan.A…Wilma.A had bravely let Alan off the marital ball and chain for 2 weeks in Syd's care. Poor Alan.A was duly named 'Allanson' and became the butt (literally) of the gay jokes. Later in the holiday Syd and Alan.A were renamed Cyril and Cecil (although they could never remember which one of them was which).

Two weeks worth of luggage is a tall ask for any 2-seater, so Alan.C had kindly made some spare wheel brackets to attach to the rear of the chassis. Complete with individually designed covers, the spare wheel 'displays' gave the cars a more vintage look.

Also, Torsten and Jacqueline travelled with us to Melbourne on their way to emigrate to Adelaide. Steve Naudi had a tear in his eye as he waved off the holiday-makers - perhaps not at many as Michael though, when he realised he had arrived one hour early at his departure point !

We arrived in Albury after a reasonably uneventful trip - only Torsten's bonnet needed taping down and Alan.C lost some brake fluid due to a brake flange needing tightening.