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10-24 November 2001 Tasmania

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Datsun Sports Owners Australia

(Ramsay's Terrific Tag-a-long Adventure Tour of Tasmania)

For 24November 2001

Report by Alan.C and Marie

9:35am, Saturday morning, 15ºc and raining in Launceston. Tassie wept as the DSOA left the motel to begin their last day of sight-seeing, morning and afternoon teas, lunches, dinners and curio hunting. The Coach House Motel car park echoed to the sound of raindrops and revving sports cars (some managed the very steep driveway in 2nd gear!).

After a short sojourn to the Evandale roundabout (momentarily bamboozled) we headed to the green hedge-rimmed back roads to Hagley. Onwards to Carrick with its church spires and country lanes. After a few quick purchase at Marik's Copper shop we managed to catch up with the rest of the crew at Deloraine. Blue skies once more and a very fine morning tea at the Frog Bakery and tea room in the main street. Cherry's last out of Deloraine. River in flood at the caravan park due to heavy rain upstream during the night.

Made our way into Devonport - coming in from the East. (When we arrived in Devonport we headed South West). Final realisation that we had done the full circuit of the Island and that our holiday was just about over.

Lunch in Devonport - followed by gathering of Datsuns' at the pier, then an extremely rapid loading of the cars.

Steve saw Jan and Angelique off on the plane and we all bid Tasmania farewell from the Leaherwood Bar. All were impressed with the ship captain's handbrake U-turn and off out of the Mersey river to a fairly calm sea.

Michael made a concluding Tasmanian gesture of appreciation and shouted all present a round of drinks - much appreciated.

At dinner, the final quiz results were seen to. Liz was very confused at why someone had answered all the questions with the name 'Steve Naudi' - no doubt the explanation (with live appearance) is a future pleasure she has in store.