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10-24 November 2001 Tasmania

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Datsun Sports Owners Australia

(Ramsay's Terrific Tag-a-long Adventure Tour of Tasmania)

For 25November 2001

Report by Alan.C and Marie

Most members of the Club a little surprised at the breakfast time shown on our tickets - 3am. That's a first for most Dato people !

Another good ferry crossing with tea early at 6pm, then we watched the sun set over the waters of Bass Strait and Steve amazed us all with the digital photo display on his PC. Most people were up bright and early and made breakfast - some had it taken back to them in their rooms. Jim offered to do the 'wake-up' duties for Steve when we docked at 5am.

We were off the boat fairly rapidly as Syd's sporty was on the front of the line, breaking the waves across Bass Strait. The Canberra mob set off and the rest of us had a quick cup of coffee whilst waiting for Lou Mondello to arrive with an air-filter for André.

We caught the ACTers at Macca's near Wangaratta where we learnt that Bev and Des had experienced a short circuit in their amp gauge that had killed the engine. Otherwise though they all arrived home safely at around 5pm. Jim was amazed at Rachel for amusing herself with a piece of duct tape in the car for 3 hours (apparently it makes nice earings, bracelets etc).

We all headed through Beechworth to Yacandanda to pick up an antique mirror that us Cherry's had purchased on the way down. But shock horror, the Bicycle Victoria ride was on that road and 2700 push bikes were scattered from Wangaratta to Yackandandah. Good on them for riding BUT it was very hairy going for cars and at time dangerous to try and pass people riding 4 abreast or overtaking without any signalling.

After this nerve-racking experience, Geoff and June, Michael and Sylvia decided to head straight along the Free-way to Gundagi and organise the motel accommodation. For the rest of us, we chose to take a more scenic route near the Home Dam. Nan and Haydn's friend Chris from Albury (who also entertained us on the first night of our holiday) showed us a way to Gundagai through Tumburrumba through Batlow and Tumut which was great fun. Haydn and Nan took a slightly different route and due to having no phone reception (a continuos problem whilst we were in Tasmania for those not with Telstra) we doubled back to Batlow to search for them.

A lovely meal at the local RSL Club concluded a very long day (3am-9:30pm) and the official end to our holiday. The following day was a straight run home.

Two weeks worth of luggage is a tall ask for any 2-seater, so Alan.C had kindly made some spare wheel brackets to attach to the rear of the chassis. Complete with individually designed covers, the spare wheel 'displays' gave the cars a more vintage look.

Geoff's car was unofficially voted the 'Passengers Choice' (Geoff not included) due to its passenger neck pillow, adjustable seat lumber supports, high-tech sound system and brand new soft top with un-zippable back window. Bliss !!