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Datsun Sports Owners Australia

The D.S.O.A.-NSW Inc. (or Datsun Sports Owners Australia - NSW) was formed in 1986 specifically for the owners of Nissan-Datsun Fairlady/Sports roadsters and Silvia coupes built before 1971.

Our main aim is to act as an outlet for the exchange of parts, information and services by and for the owners of these cars. Thanks to the skills and contacts of a number of club members we also import or manufacture parts that are difficult to obtain in Australia.

Our club magazine DatChat is published six times per year.

Membership consists of an initial joining fee of $15 plus an annual membership fee of $40 for single members, $50 for a family membership and $US60 for overseas membership. After the initial membership year early payment discounts apply.

The club membership year runs from January 1st to December 31st.

As well as runs and a great magazine we are also involved in activities such as displays, technical support, parts supply and a National Meeting of the interstate clubs held over the June holiday weekend.