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Christmas BBQ 2004
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Datsun Sports Owners Australia
DSOA Christmas 2004

The DSOA Annual Christmas Function was held at Homebush.
Once again we were not the only car club there but I think we were the group with the best cars.

We managed a good turn out of members both with and without Dattos, present on the day were Haydn & Nan Gooch, Steve & Diane Naudi, Michael & Sylvia Honer, Syd Carr & Beth, Garth & Margaret Chapman, John & Pat Michie, Robin Connoughton & Bear, Richard & Ann Millard, Gordon Pavnoulnc & son Milan, Paul Reynierse, Phil Brook, Claude & Sue Movia, Garry & Sue Crase, Phil & Suzanne Routley with daughters Georgia & Chelsea, Paul & Penny Coggiolla with his Mum & daughters Amy & Ashleigh and yours truly. (I hope that covered everyone)
All up we saw at least 12 Dattos on the day.

Being narrower than the average modern car, we were able to park three cars in every two spaces. As members arrived, cars were quickly moved to make space for a nice line up in the car park. Once again we were not quick enough to close the gap after one sporty left and someone parked in the spot.
It was a tight squeeze and a few of us had an adrenalin surge as we watched the car reverse into the narrow gap.

The Christmas BBQ Run is the one event in the year that is great for catching up with other members. We swap all sorts of tall and greasy tales and I think more than a few cars get a much neded fix, tweak or new part fitted as a result of the conversations around the BBQ. I learned about the oil breather hole in the diff (now I know about the oil smear at the rear of my car), the potential for cracks in some of the Z car steering wheels (see the Technical Stuff section), and the benefits of thicker sway bars to handling. A few of us also saw what a broken axle looks like. Almost everyone has solved a problem or two in a way that someone else in the club will find invaluable. Think replacement seats for example (an issue with me for a while). Christmas is one of the few large gatherings where you can see for yourself the half a dozen or so workable seat replacements for the sporty. I've now added one more option to the list, with Daihatsu Copen seats fitted to our car.

Looking forward to seeing you at a run in 2005

There is also the opportunity to spend plenty of time looking over the other cars.

Marko (1964 1500)

Below are some photos from the day

Under the Datsun Club Banner

President Claude hard at work

Great Day - Great Cars!